My personal statement regarding the "documentary" 'The Ambassador'.

Ambassador "Documentary"

I did indeed appear in this movie in my role as a diplomatic consultant which is a LEGAL service I provide to law firms, organisations and sovereign countries. After interviewing Mr. Brügger on numerous occasions and for several hours, it quickly became apparent he was not interested in pursuing a legal or logical route to diplomatic status and seemed more interested in obtaining diplomatic credentials for nefarious purposes. I advised the client that Brügger is not a serious candidate and should be avoided. My client took my advice and Brügger received no diplomatic credentials via any service or country connected to me.
I then told Brügger quite clearly, if he does not take my advice he may end up in prison, or even worse, dead in a ditch in Africa. Brügger decided to go against my advice. Incidentally, his hired bodyguard, a former French legionnaire was murdered during filming in the Central African Republic. Mads Brügger then needed to bolt out of Africa before he was imprisoned and now has at least one African country pursuing his extradition to face charges for corruption. I also have no connection to the blood diamond trade, as certified diamonds can be bought completely legitimately in the Bangui Diamond Market.

Colin Evans